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You can read my printed media tutorials and other kind of articles in 3D Artist and 3D World magazines.
Some of them are available online as well, linked with the titles (but be prepared for big banners, its

While these are prosumer mags, please don't expect detailed and high-end tutorials here...

3D Artist

  • #116 Achieve accurate atmospherics with Houdini & Clarisse
    Observe and investigate the basics of atmospheric effects, learn the science behind it and enhance your images with these methods
  • #117 Learn the science of clouds with Houdini
     Create cumulus clouds with Houdini’s pyro solver and learn some of the science behind phenomenon the real weather
  • # 117 Review: Clarisse 3.6
    Hollywood’s only WYSIWYG 3D lighting and rendering tool has some recent new features
  • #119 Master lighting and materials
    Observe how light interacts with matter, and create advanced shading effects in Houdini and Clarisse
  • #123 Review: Redshift 2.6 for Houdini
    We take a quick glimpse at Houdini integration in the only GPU renderer with an ‘Approved for Hollywood VFX’ badge
    ACES, the colour management system hailing from the Oscars has spread across the VFX industry with great success, Greg Barta from sciVfx describes its basic principles with 3D visualisations
  • #125 Learn how to use ACES for Houdini
    Set up, familiarize, create colour space visualizations
    Below you can find how to download and set up OCIO ACES, as I mention in the tutorial.
    Send a message on Artstation or on sciVfx WordPress site if you want to get these Houdini setups (gallery file) to easily visualize colour data and the colour transforms - FREE!
  • #131 Rig an umbrella with Vellum
    Learn how to utilise Vellum tools to create a versatile dynamic umbrella asset, rather than using a traditional rig
  • #132 Use Vellum for arbitrary objects
    Learn how to use Vellum for objects other than cloth: noodles, a rigid body and an inflated balloon
  • #134 Houdini 17.5 tips
    Tutorial duet with
  • #137 Generate Brutalist Buildings
    Set up a brutalist building geometry template in Houdini to get arbitrary variations, with the Building Generator tool from SideFX Labs

3D World

    You don’t need a big studio to create virtual cinematography scenes, just the usual tools you might have as a 3D artist
  • #241 Review: Houdini 17 Banshee
    We test out the new features in the latest release of Houdini... and continue the Love letter for SideFX series started by Simon Holmedal :)
  • #242 Create LiDAR-based landscapes
    Discover how to build procedural landscapes in Houdini using real-world elevation data from LiDAR surveys
    Resources for this tutorial: Earth Science Data for CG/VFX
  • #243 Discover Houdini’s terrain toolset
    We take a look at building procedural environments with Houdini 17’s new and improved terrain toolset
  • #252 Use MOPs nodes for quick visualisations
     Learn how to visualise the global production rate of smartphones with the use of the MOPs toolkit in Houdini

Many thanks to the Editors: Carrie Mok (3D Artist), Rachel Terzian and Rob Redman (3D World)